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ARZAK SECRETS es un libro escrito en castellano que trata sobre Cocina, del gran escritor JUAN MARI ARZAK , 2017 de la mano de la editorial GRUB STREET, esta en formato pdf y contiene 278 paginas en español. Su numero de referencia (ISBN) es 9781910690086

  • Categoria Cocina
  • Autor JUAN MARI ARZAK , 2017
  • Paginas 278
  • Editorial GRUB STREET
  • ISBN 9781910690086

Descripción completa del libro ARZAK SECRETS y sinopsis

Juan Mari Arzak is the owner and chef of the Arzak restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain, and was one of the first Spanish chefs to receive 3 Michelin stars.

The restaurant ranks eighth among the best in the world, and Juan's daughter, Elena, who cooks with him, was named world's best chef in 2012.

Both studied with the great chefs of their time - John in France with Paul Bocuse and the Troisgros brothers; Elena with Alain Ducasse, Ferran Adria and Pierre Gagnaire.

What we eat, how we eat, is in our culture," says Elena, "our signature cuisine is Basque.

Our taste is from here.

We were born here.

"We cook unconsciously with this identity."

Thus, Arzak is considered one of the most influential masters of the New Basque Cuisine, which has continued to have a great influence on international cuisine, especially on world-renowned chefs such as Ferran Adrià, who brought Arzak's pioneering techniques to new heights.

Originally published in Spanish and now available in English for the first time Arzak Secrets is THE book of recipes and techniques of the famous restaurant.

Magnificently photographed, this volume is a glimpse into some of the secrets behind the dishes that have made the restaurant and chef famous.

Arzak's cuisine is a laboratory of flavours, aromas and textures, and its dishes and techniques are revealed in this fascinating cookbook, which is not only for professionals looking for inspiration, but for any chef dedicated and committed to understanding the creative development and innovations behind this exceptional food.

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