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FEAR: TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE es un libro escrito en castellano que trata sobre Ciencias Políticas y Sociales, del gran escritor BOB WOODWARD , 2018 de la mano de la editorial SIMON & SCHUSTER UK, esta en formato pdf y contiene 448 paginas en español. Su numero de referencia (ISBN) es 9781471181290

Descripción completa del libro FEAR: TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE y sinopsis

With credible reports perfected over eight presidencies, from Nixon to Obama, author Bob Woodward reveals in unprecedented detail President Donald Trump's heartbreaking life inside the White House and precisely how he makes decisions about major foreign and domestic policies.

Woodward relies on hundreds of hours of interviews with first-hand sources, meeting notes, personal journals, archives and documents.

The focus is on the explosive debates and decision-making in the Oval Office, Situation Room, Air Force One and White House residence.

Fear is the most intimate portrait of an incumbent president ever published during the first years of his term.

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