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PEANUTS CROCHET es un libro escrito en castellano que trata sobre Manualidades, del gran escritor KRISTEN RASK , 2015 de la mano de la editorial THUNDER BAY PRESS, esta en formato pdf y contiene 76 paginas en español. Su numero de referencia (ISBN) es 9781626863248

  • Categoria Manualidades
  • Autor KRISTEN RASK , 2015
  • Paginas 76
  • ISBN 9781626863248

Descripción completa del libro PEANUTS CROCHET y sinopsis

Charlie Brown, Sally, Peppermint Patty, and the gang are ready to meet up with a few packages of thread.

With Peanuts Crochet, you can assemble the whole outfit and recreate their Christmas sorrows and daily dilemmas in the style of a thread.

Complete with a pocket book containing step-by-step instructions and photographic inspiration, this kit includes five colors of thread, a metal crochet hook, padding, thread and an upholstery needle.

You'll have enough materials to complete three Peanut characters immediately, and instructions to make a whole dozen.

For any lover of Snoopy, Woodstock, and the unforgettable Peanuts kids, Peanuts Crochet is a fun new way to collect and create this nut mold.

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