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PETER ZUMTHOR: BUILDINGS AND PROJECTS 1985-2013 es un libro escrito en castellano que trata sobre Arte, del gran escritor PETER ZUMTHOR , 2014 de la mano de la editorial VERLAG SCHEIDEGGER UND SPIESS AG, esta en formato pdf y contiene 800 paginas en español. Su numero de referencia (ISBN) es 9783858817235

  • Categoria Arte
  • Autor PETER ZUMTHOR , 2014
  • Paginas 800
  • ISBN 9783858817235

Descripción completa del libro PETER ZUMTHOR: BUILDINGS AND PROJECTS 1985-2013 y sinopsis

Peter Zumthor, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2009, is indisputably among the most important contemporary architects.

It is revered throughout the world for the rigour of its architectural concepts, the clarity of its designs, its sensitivity to location and context, and for its conscious and careful use of materials.

He is famous for the pure and atmospheric spaces he has created, such as Kunsthaus Bregenz (Bregenz, Austria), Therme Vals (Vals, Switzerland), Kolumba Art Museum (Cologne, Germany), or in 2011 the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in London, Hortus Conclusus.

However, its lesser-known residential buildings in Switzerland or the Field Chapel for Brother Klaus (near Mechernich, Germany) have also been highly acclaimed by architecture critics.

Zumthor is highly admired by students and professors of architecture for his philosophical approach to the task of building and for his writings on architectural thought.

The new set of five volumes is the first complete monograph on Zumthor's work in more than fifteen years.

Around 40 of his buildings and unrealised projects are presented in detail with brief descriptive texts by Zumthor himself, with photographs, sketches, drawings and plans.

A complete list of works 1975-2013 completes the book.

The photographs are provided by Helene Binet, Hans Danuser and others.

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Biografia del escritor PETER ZUMTHOR , 2014

Peter Zumthor (Basilea, 1943) se formó como ebanista, diseñador y arquitecto en la Kunstgewerbeschule de Basilea y en el Pratt Institute de Nueva York.

Trabajó en el Departamento de Conservación de Monumentos del cantón suizo de los Grisones y desde 1979 tiene su propia oficina en Haldenstein, Suiza.

Es profesor en la Accademia di Architettura de la Università della Svizzera Italiana en Mendrisio, Suiza, y ha sido profesor invitado en varias universidades de todo el mundo.