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THE WATERS OF ETERNAL YOUTH es un libro escrito en castellano que trata sobre Literatura, del gran escritor DONNA LEON , 2017 de la mano de la editorial RANDOM HOUSE INTERNATIONAL, esta en formato pdf y contiene 304 paginas en español. Su numero de referencia (ISBN) es 9781784755027

  • Categoria Literatura
  • Autor DONNA LEON , 2017
  • Paginas 304
  • ISBN 9781784755027

Descripción completa del libro THE WATERS OF ETERNAL YOUTH y sinopsis

In The Waters of Eternal Youth, the 25th installment of the successful Brunetti series, our Commissioner is involved in a case that may not be a crime at all.

Brunetti is investigating an unsolved case at the request of the great countess Lando-Continui, friend of Brunetti's mother-in-law.

Fifteen years ago the Countess' teenage granddaughter, Manuela, was found drowned in a canal.

She was rescued from the canal at the last moment, but in many ways it was too late; she suffered severe brain damage and her life was never the same again.

Once a passionate horse rider, Manuela, now in her thirties, cannot remember the accident, or her beloved horse, and lives trapped in eternal youth.

The Countess, unconvinced that it was an accident, implores Brunetti to find the culprit she believes was responsible for ruining Manuela's life.

By a mixture of curiosity, pity and willingness to fulfill the wishes of a loving grandmother, Brunetti reopens the case.

But once he begins to investigate, Brunetti finds a dark past and a dark history in his heart.

The Waters of Eternal Youth are flooded with the rhythms and concerns of contemporary Venetian life, from historical preservation, through housing, to new waves of African migrants, all surrounding the disturbing story of a woman trapped in a perpetual childhood.

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Biografia del escritor DONNA LEON , 2017

Nueva Jersey, (1942-).

Donna Leon, profesora y escritora, viajó en su juventud a Italia donde estudió en las ciudades de Perugia y Siena.

Después de trabajar como guía turística en Roma, se fue a Londres para ser redactora publicitaria, seguida de varios trabajos como profesora en escuelas de Europa y Asia.

Su espíritu viajero e inquieto no sólo ha marcado su vida, sino que ha dejado una huella destacada en el conjunto de su obra literaria, dentro de la cual brillan con luz propia las creaciones protagonizadas por el famoso comisario Brunetti.