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ULTIMATE TOYS FOR MEN es un libro escrito en castellano que trata sobre Fotografía, del gran escritor MICHAEL BRUNNBAUER , 2017 de la mano de la editorial TENEUES VERLAG, esta en formato pdf y contiene 256 paginas en español. Su numero de referencia (ISBN) es 9783961710188

  • Categoria Fotografía
  • Paginas 256
  • Editorial TENEUES VERLAG
  • ISBN 9783961710188

Descripción completa del libro ULTIMATE TOYS FOR MEN y sinopsis

There are only two notable differences between toys for young children and toys for adult children: toys become bigger with age and more expensive.

Matchbox cars give way to high-end sports cars, boat models become motor boats and sailing yachts, and the plastic wristwatch becomes a Swiss chronograph with a perpetual calendar and a minute repeater.

The Toys for Men series has always kept abreast of this male tendency to play; in the latest volume, we present the list of best wishes, a selection of the most exclusive, innovative and luxurious toys that men with money can buy.

Of course, the list includes the classic male fantasies of Lear jets, megayachts and supersports, the truly gigantic and great things that move men in the air, in the water or on land.

But it also includes small gadgets - from headphones and wristwatches to SLR cameras - that make the hearts of tech-savvy men beat a little faster.

We also include the vices that speak to connoisseurs, such as that special bottle of French wine, Scotch whisky or Cuban cigars.

And last but not least, we include one of the greatest luxuries of all: having a product made to measure for you and only for you, to measure style.

But we're not just talking about made-to-measure suits.

Cars, golf clubs, skis, almost everything can be customized to suit your particular tastes.

If you're looking for the ultimate toys for the gentleman who has it all, you'll find the dirt of pay here.

Because as the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche already knew, "there is a child hidden in every man: and he wants to play...".

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